Care & Support

For frontline professionals

The mission of the Resource Center is to serve frontline professionals by sharing in the burden of procuring resources for vulnerable families under their care. With this, God positions us to care for frontline workers who are shouldering the stories of brokenness in our community. We acknowledge the work of these professionals, welcome them with the love of Jesus, and pray for them.

Need help finding resources

If you are a frontline professional working with a family in need of immediate resources such as food, hygiene, or clothing visit our page here to learn more and request resources.

Join Us for Dinner

The Social Worker Dinner for social workers who are working directly with vulnerable families in our community is a space of joy and restoration. We provide a welcoming and caring atmosphere where social workers are able to network with one another and have fun. This is a special time for us as a church to let you know that we love you and appreciate the great work you are doing in our community. Please come hungry for dinner, drinks, dessert and amazing company!

We meet once a month. Check out our schedule and register so we can plan accordingly.

Care at Fairfax Church
Fairfax Church offers several classes and support groups to help navigate life’s challenges.

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